Smart Auto Repairs can repair most kerbed alloy wheels, we ask you to provide a location, access to power, space for our van and about an hour per alloy for the time of repair. Kerbed alloys cost between £45 and £50 to repair and paint.

We can repair kerb damage to most types of alloys including diamond cut and split rims, we do not however repair chrome alloys, please do not confuse chrome alloys with diamond cut alloys if you are unsure what type of finish your alloy is then please check with the manufacturer or email us a picture.

Original manufacturers alloys come in 3 standard types of silver. We define these colours from the amount of metallic (sparkle) in the paint, so we have fine silver, a very bright silver with no sparkle, medium silver a silver that has a little bit of metallic and is still quite bright, and coarse silver which is a little darker but has a lot of sparkle to it, so when the sun reflects on this you can really see the metallic shimmer.