Corroded Alloy Wheel Repair Service

As a fully mobile service, Smart Auto Repairs can restore most corroded alloys at a place which suits you. All we need access to power and enough room for our van and your car.

As the state of corrosion on alloy wheels can vary massively, we will need to see a picture of damaged area before we quote a price. It is also important to note that we can’t guarantee against the corrosion re-appearing. This is because the wet British climate all but ensures that alloys will eventually succumb to the condition, and wheels which have already had it are particularly susceptible.

Of course, our vastly experienced technicians will repair your alloys to the best of our ability, and although we’d expect the average refurbishment to last a few years, corrosion will likely return in time.


What causes alloy wheel corrosion?

A natural chemical reaction occurs between water, air and the surface of the alloy once the manufacturer’s protective finish has worn away. This oxidation can be triggered if the wheel is kerbed or scratched, but even without that happening, the factory clear coat will slowly degrade after prolonged exposure to the weather and miles driven.

Incidentally, while often mistaken for it, this type of corrosion isn’t technically rust. The orange colour of iron oxide isn’t present on alloys because they are largely made from aluminium or magnesium; metals which don’t rust.


What can I do to stop my wheels becoming corroded?

Simple maintenance can fend off the worst of the elements, but we can assume that alloys will corrode over time. Due to the saltier air, this process is often faster by the coast.

It is vital that as soon as you spot corrosion’s tell-tale white marks, you get your rims refurbished as quickly as possible. Leaving it to wear down means that the reaction can work its way deeper into the wheel, making it potentially beyond repair.

Although a corroded alloy wheel overhaul is unlikely to last forever, the repair cost will probably work out a much cheaper alternative in the long run that buying a new set.

We are also one of the few companies in the UK which can restore diamond cut alloys.

Free Repair Quote

For a no-obligation quote, please fill in our enquiry form, and remember to include a photo of the affected area. Alternatively, call us direct on 0161 609 8111.

We are based in Cheshire, but cover the whole of the North West of England, as well as having professional technicians in Flintshire, London and the Home Counties.