We have a set process for alloy wheel refurbishment which our experienced alloy wheel repairer will follow when he arrives at your chosen location.

He will first analyse the damage area to see how we are going to to repair it and how much it will cost. Once this is confirmed he will commence work (if it’s not too much trouble a cup of tea or coffee is great at this stage!). We will then need to park our van and your car and plug our extension lead in.

We then remove the alloys from the car, break the tyres back, remove the damage, prime, paint and lacquer them, using original manufacturers products to get them back to their original condition.

All our paint technicians are trained to professional standards of alloy wheel refurbishment which enables us to give you a 2 year paint guarantee. We only use the best products ensuring we get the best possible finish.

 The Process 

  1. We remove the alloy wheels from the car.
  2. The tyre is deflated and pushed away from the rim, ensuring we get to all areas of damage.
  3. The alloy wheel is repaired with no visible sign of any damage.
  4. The Alloy wheel is primed with a high build primer and painted in either a solvent or water based paint.
  5. Finally, lacquer is applied to give a deep shine and the wheels are baked in our van.