We recently sent an email to all our customers telling them about our new website, as a small company we strive to give excellent customer service. We had lots of positive feedback but out of the 10,000 emails that went out we had two responses that came back that weren’t so positive. Both emails were to do with alloy wheel refurbishments. Both refurbishments involved corroded alloys. Now we repair a lot of corroded and kerbed alloys on a weekly basis. One set of alloys had been refurbished over 3 years ago and another set 18 months ago. Now when some one calls us and asks about our repairs we believe in honesty is the best policy, we won’t try and over sell you, we don’t need to do this as a company as we are lucky enough to always have plenty of work.

So here is my advise on corroded alloys, due to our climate and weather conditions, inevitably alloys do eventually corrode, which eventually lead to air loss. Now replacing alloys can be a costly exercise and refurbishing is always an alternative to replacing and normally a lot cheaper.

If your alloys are starting to corrode then our advise would be get them refurbished ASAP. Don’t leave them, the corrosion will slowly eat into the alloy and spread and get deeper and deeper and it is at this point that the refurbishment process may not last for a very long time. When we refurbish your alloys we sand them down and try to sand away all the corrosion BUT there is always the possibility that it has eaten so far into the alloy that eventually it will come back. The longer you leave the corrosion the more likely it will come back. If you get them refurbished at the early stages of corrosion appearing you have more of a chance of delaying the inevitable.

No one can give a guarantee against corrosion. As a company we try and do as much as we can to ensure our repairers have all the tools to enable them to give the best possible repair for corroded alloys.  But again there is no knowing how long they will last for.

If you are able to be with out your alloys, then we would recommend using a static centre that will strip down your alloys and do a complete refurb on them. This service can not be guaranteed either.

So do you buy a new set of alloys or refurbish your existing ones? Even new alloys can corrode after a few years…….. And a refurbishment will not last forever either.

I know how you can definitely stop your alloys from corroding, a move to a hot climate where there is not as much rain!