Your next few steps with us are as follows:

  1. Request a quote.
  2. We will email you a quote.
  3. Call us or email us to accept the quote
  4. We will call you to make a booking.
  5. We will email you a booking confirmation.
  6. We come to you to carry out the work.
  7. Pay by credit or debit card once you are happy with the completed work

What’s the best way to get a quote from you?

Ok the best way to receive a quote from us is to use the on line quote system we have developed. Using this method will ensure that you receive an instant response from us and that your details are not lost or that you are not forgotten about.

You will notice a purple button dotted around the site “click here to get an instant quote” simply fill in as much detail as you know and we will email straight back with an average cost of repairs. Remember the more information you fill in on the form the more accurate the quote will be.

If you are struggling to fill in the form then please just call us on 0161 609 8111 and one of our friendly customer services representatives will fill it in for you.

Do You Sell Any Of My Information?

NO.  We do not use any of your information other than to send you a quote, it is not sold to any other third party companies.

Do I have to send you photos?

A picture speaks a thousand words. Sorry a¬†correctly taken picture speaks a thousand words! If the panel is just scratched and there are no dent repairs involved then we don’t need a picture, but if the panel is dented then we do. If you are looking for a quote on diamond cut alloys then we do need a photo of the whole alloy.

How to take the photo

Take your photo during the day, do not use a flash!

Please ensure the panel you are taking a photo of is clean. It really is pointless taking a photo of a panel that has water on it or is filthy.

3 Photos should be enough of a single panel. Take one photo face on of the complete panel, one photo at a slight angle of the complete panel and one close up photo.

What’s the best way to send photos to you?

You can either upload them when you fill in the quote form or once you have filled in the quote form you will instantly receive an email from us. Just reply to the email and attach your photos. Or you can text them to the number that’s in the email you receive once you have filled in the quote form. Please ensure you add the quote reference number if you are texting photos to us.