Smart Auto repairs quite simply provides a mobile service to your home or work where we can repair:

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Bumpers
  • Car Scratches
  • Dented Panels

Our customers include, the public, insurance companies, lease companies and main dealerships.

About Our Repairs

It’s important not to confuse us with regular mobile S.M.A.R.T repair companies who can only fix minor superficial damage such as chips and scratches.

We hear a lot of our customers tell us that they have been told that their repairs can not be completed at their home, because the repair should be a body shop job. This is not always the case.

We can undertake these repairs at your home or work, we have the expertise and experienced staff that are capable of these types of repair.

We can undertake some quite serious damage, just take a look at our gallery, and if it is too big to repair on your drive we can take the car to our body shop in St Helens and provide you with a courtesy car while we repair yours.

What we repair

  • Scratch Repairs – even if the scratches are very deep and go down the complete side of your car
  • Dent Repairs – We can repair badly dented body panels and bumpers
  • New Panels – If the panels are beyond repair we can replace bolt on panels such as bumpers, doors, wings and bonnets
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Kerbed alloys, colour changes
  • Diamond Cut Alloys & Split Rims- THIS IS A MOBILE SERVICE
  • Bumper Repairs – Painted bumpers as well as textured repairs, which includes cracked, scuffed and dented bumpers
  • Parts – Need parts for your car we can supply parts at a lower cost than most main dealers

What we don’t repair

  • Heavy Accident Collision Damage
  • Buckled Alloys
  • Cracked Alloys
  • Interior Repairs
  • Mechanical

About Our Repair Times

Our repairs can take from an hour to a whole day depending on the damage. Here is an average of times taken for certain repairs;

  • Scuffed Bumper Corner = 1 – 2 hours
  • Alloy Wheel Repair = 1 hour
  • Scratched Panel = 1 – 2hours
  • Dented Panel = 2 – 8 hours
  • Diamond Cut Alloy = 1 -2 hours

Insurance Work

If you feel the cost of the repairs is too great and you want to use your insurance company we can still carry out the repairs for you and get you relief on your excess! Even if its your fault. Speak to us to get more information.

We can undertake insurance work, if you have had an accident that is not your fault we can handle your claim for you from start to finish, we will deal with the third party insurance and with yours at no cost to you and no excess to pay either. If  you have sustained an injury we have a very good personal injury solicitor who can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis.