Project Description

This customer had taken her car for an MOT. It failed due to the alloy. This alloy was taken to a centre in Rochdale where they welded the alloy we then refurbed it and delivered it back to the customer in Liverpool.

What We Repaired

This alloy required welding and refurbing to pass it’s MOT. We used a company that we trust that are able to do welding and straightening of buckled alloys but they do not refurb alloys. Once they had carried out their repairs we needed to do some remedial reshaping and finishing.

How We Repaired It

Once the welding was carried out we then just had to do some remedial reshaping and then prime and paint the alloy.

Time Taken

This alloy was dropped off to us, for these kind of repairs it can take anything from a few hours to a few days depending on circumstances.