Our car bumper repair service can save you up to 50% on body shop prices with our prices starting from just £75! We can repair scratched, scuffed, dented and cracked bumpers. We will come to your chosen location and repair the damaged area, once the work is complete we give you a life time warranty on our workmanship and a 3 year paint guarantee, all we need is access to power, space for our van and your car, in case of rain we have mobile car ports to put your car in.

We have been servicing the North West with our mobile car bumper repair service since 2004! Its safe to say your car bumper is in the hands of experienced professionals.

Painted Plastic Bumpers

Painted plastic bumpers are generally the same colour of the vehicle or have a finish the same as the body panels on the vehicle.

Textured Plastic Bumpers

The second type mentioned are textured bumpers and these are generally a shade of grey or black and more often than not fitted to vans.

We can repair both types of bumper. If the bumper is dented, scuffed or split we can repair them. If the vehicle has been in a crash involved with another car or hit a wall at high speed then you will need to let us know, and this may need to be booked into our body shop to have the bumper repair undertaken.