When assessing your vehicles damage, we will need to know where the dent is on the vehicle, how deep it is and its size.

We recommend emailing a couple of photos, one of the panel face and one standing to the side of the panel looking down the panel as shown in the photo below.

We class a dent that covers the area of your thumb as a small dent, a dent that is hand sized as a medium dent and a dent that is the size of both your hands side by side as a large dent. This will determine the cost of the repair as well as the colour of the vehicle and the size of the panel that the dent is on.

If the paint work is broken on a dent we advise having the repairs carried out sooner rather than later as this could developed into a rusty dented panel and this then becomes a lot more costly to repair and may even result in you taking your car to a car body work shop.

If the dent has not broken the paint work then we would recommend our paint-less dent removal service.

We can offer our mobile car dent repair service to customers in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and North Staffordshire. All we require is access to power and room for our van and your car.