How To Repair A Dent On A Car

  1. First, we clean the area that we are going to paint with a special chemical that removes any grease or wax that may react with the paint.
  2. We will repair the damaged area by way of filling the damaged dent.
  3. We scotch the area that is going to be painted, this helps key the area being painted.
  4. We then prime the repaired area on the panel and flat this down once it is dried.
  5. Once primed, we then mix the colour on the van by taking the colour code from the vehicle and entering it into our computer.
  6. The repaired area is the sprayed with the base coat and then lacquered.
  7. When we have finished lacquering the panel we use heat lamps to dry the lacquer this takes about 20-30minutes.
  8. Once dried we then flat and polish the repaired area if required.

This process is the same used in crash repair centres across the UK, we have taken our body shop system, miniaturised it, and put it on a van, thus bringing the body shop to you!