Car scratch repair process varies depending on the type of scratch sustained, for a vandal scratch or a key scratch we will follow the process listed below:

The Car Scratch Repair Process

  1. We clean the area we are going to paint with a special degreaser to remove any wax or grease from the car as this may cause reactions
  2. We then repair the damaged areas by way of sanding the scratch
  3. We then scotch the area that is going to be painted, this is a very light sanding to help key the area to be sprayed.
  4. Once keyed we then mask and prime the repair.
  5. we then mix the colour by taking the colour code from the car and mixing the correct colour on site, all vans are fitted with full mixing schemes
  6. The repaired area is sprayed with the base coat (the colour), once this has dried we then apply the lacquer.
  7. Infrared heat lamps are used to cure the lacquer, this normally takes between 20 minutes and 40 minutes.
  8. The final stage is to flat and polish the panel if it is required, this involves a light sanding to remove any bits of dirt and orange peal and  then we use a machine to buff the panel and get its shine  back.


This process is used through out the UK in body shops, we have taken our body shop system, miniaturised it, put it on a van, thus bringing the body shop to you.