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Car Scratch Remover

Car Scratch Remover OK, so we get a lot of customers who have gone out and spent a few tens of pounds on a car scratch remover kit. 99% of the time this turns out in a very bad way. The most common problem is where the scratches are fine and could easily be removed [...]

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Bumper Repair versus Bumper Replacement

Mobile Bumper Repair versus Bumper Replacement. Ok so we deal with a lot of bumper repairs and we can also offer our customers a replacement bumper service. Generally the latter can be a bit more expensive, but not always. It's always worth while looking at both costs. When should you NOT replace a [...]

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How To Reduce Your Lease Car Charges

How to reduce your lease car penalties! Over the years we have noticed an increase in the penalties customers face when returning their cars back to the lease company, they have been charged for minor paint damage or poor paint repairs carried out by the body shop or SMART repairers. The process normally goes something [...]

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We are VBRA Approved

Smart Auto Repairs has been approved by the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association (VBRA). We are very proud of this fact and feel it sets us apart from other mobile repairers who do not hold this approval. Recently the VBRA produced a press release regarding their Body Repair Code of Practice; The Vehicle Builders and [...]

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