Project Description

The plastic bumper repair to this black VW Golf in Crewe, Cheshire is what we would class as a minor scuff repair, just a bit of grazed paint work. This is something we see and repair a lot of. The result is an invisible repair with a long lasting deep shine.

What We Repaired

In this instance as you can see from the photo gallery the corner of the front bumper has received a slight bit of scuffing just taking away some of the top coat and base colour.

How We Repaired The Bumper

The bumper would have been sanded down so ensure a nicely graduated feathering of the paint work, then a light coat of plastic primer, once the primer is dried we would then spray the base coat which is the colour and finally we would lacquer it. The colour code is taken from the car and the paint mixed on site ensuring a perfect colour match.

Time Taken For The Repair

A repair like this would normally take between 1 and 2 hours.